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Sun Power Diesel is an authorized dealer for many popular highly renowned brands of marine diesel engines offering customers excellent choices when considering power selection for vessels ranging from planning hull, semi-displacement, to full displacement designs. Pleasure boaters, hardworking commercial boats, military patrol craft, and law enforcement agencies will all find solutions to optimize their propulsion goals.

Our marine engines have been coupled to a great variety of drive systems such as conventional inboard, V -drive, stern drive, jet drive, or surface drive systems. Power ratings will be reviewed for each installation matching duty cycle of the application considering annual hours of operation, vessel type, performance requirements, size, weight, and emissions compliance regulations. Sun Power Diesels sales staff will also assist the packaging configuring providing guidance with accessories and marine transmission options from several manufactures that offer down angle, drop center, co-axial, or V-drive models as well as discussing reduction gear ratios, propeller selection, and shaft size. Our consideration and effort for details on each project is to assure a successful outcome for the owner and a long-term relationship with Sun Power Diesel.

All marine generators and propulsion engines represented by Sun Power Diesel are built with top of the line quality and excellent designs featuring the optimum in fuel efficiency, compact installation, and quiet low vibration operation you can count on for long term reliable performance. Marine generators sets and marine propulsion engines are rated EPA, TIER 3 for emission compliance when delivered to domestic and affiliated territory buyers. Marine engines and generator sets can be offered in 100% mechanically fueled configurations suitable for export sales.

Residential / Commercial Generators

Performance Investment

The subject of repowering is a common topic among owners of older boats that have heavy, aging, inefficient engines; or buyers looking for the right deal on a used boat with tired engines. Both scenarios present great opportunities for repowering! When comparing the high cost of a new boat purchase to repowering an old favorite that does the job well, repowering is the right choice. There are many benefits with today’s engines which feature technologically advanced fuel injection and electronic management systems capable of delivering greater efficiency increasing range, improved power to weight ratios boosting performance, and environmentally friendly operation. Popular consumer options such as joystick controls, engine instrumentation interfacing with vessel navigation systems, and dynamic positioning features are available with many new engine packages as well.

Sun Power Diesel has one of the industry’s largest and most diverse product lines offering customers outstanding flexibility for power choices. Whether you have a sail boat, sport fisherman, cursing yacht, or a commercial work boat, Sun Power Diesel can package your main propulsion engines and generators best suited to your vessel’s needs. For our assistance, please contact our sales department and let us offer suggestions for sizing an incredible new propulsion system for your vessel either delivered to your location or fully turnkey installed.

Let there be light!

Sun Power Diesel represents a wide selection of generator sets built by high-quality manufactures such as Cummins Onan, Kohler, Northern Lights, Westerbeke, and John Deere based packages. Whether your needs are for marine applications or land based units providing for standby or prime power electricity, Sun Power Diesel can be consulted to discuss the best unit for the application.

Sun Power Diesel is ready to assist with the selection of the right generator set for your yacht, get prepared for hurricane season or other emergency situations, providing security, comfort, and confidence for the most important things in your life.

Residential/Commercial Generators

Stand by generator sets for residences and small businesses are compact, quiet, clean burning, and housed in attractive enclosures. Units can be installed to work in conjunction with an automatic transfer switch shifting the home or business seamlessly from utility to emergency power, or optionally through a manual transfer system.  These generators are commonly fueled with above ground liquid propane (LP), diesel, or natural gas provided through a community’s underground gas network, therefore do not require re-fueling.  Emergency generators can be sized to an owner’s preference providing power to essential items such as air-condition, refrigerators/freezers and lighting; or the entire home or business. For applications requiring higher Kilo Watt output, skid mounted, or fully enclosed diesel sets are available for greater power requirements.


Prime Power generators are essential in many circumstances where utility service is either highly unreliable or non-existent . These units are ruggedly built , rated for continuous duty service and can be configured for installation in a dedicated generator room or specially equipped enclosures which can be permanently positioned or mobile, moved from location to location as required. Prime power units are ideal for individuals seeking to live “off the grid”, or for businesses such as remote lodges for tourism and various commercial ventures. Depending on a sites power needs, units can be individually operated or combined through paralleling switchgear to compound power output meeting fluctuating demand schedules.


Contact Sun Power Diesel for consultation on the right generator set for your yacht, or to be prepared for hurricane season and other emergency situations to provide protection, comfort, and confidence for the most important things in your life.


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