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Sun Power Diesel is the premier south Florida dealer for the world’s leading manufacturer of diesel outboards OXE Diesel, produced by Oxe Marine AB of Sweden. We are proud to join the worldwide network of servicing and selling dealers representing OXE’s innovative and revolutionary marine engines.


OXE produces the widest range of horsepower options of any diesel outboard manufacturer in the world suiting a great variety of vessel applications ranging from heavy duty commercial boats, patrol, pleasure craft, and passenger vessels. The OXE Diesel outboard model range spans from 125,150,175 to 200 HP offerings based on the General Motors 2.0-liter, 4 cycle common rail fuel injected engine meeting EPA TIER 3 approval. Coming soon, Sun Power Diesel will have available OXE’s new 300 HP 3.0-liter BMW based diesel engine rounding out the product line. These world renowned highly evolved automotive base engines provide well proven platforms for marine use combining dependability, serviceability, and standard parts present in all OXE diesel outboard models.

oxe diesel outboards south florida (fort lauderdale, miami, west palm)

Primary features:

  • High torque output
  • Quiet, clean, operation
  • Fresh water cooling
  • Selectable gear ratio options (2 liter engines) in either 1.73:1 or 2.17:1 easily convertible in the field
  • No lower unit bevel cut gears
  • Crash stop capability
  • Large diameter propeller options
  • Trolling valve operation for low speed
  • White or Black color options
  • Joystick capability, multiple station control via NEMA 2000 cable
  • Serviceable items are easily accessible

OXE Diesel Outboard South Florida Premier Dealer

OXE diesel engines can deliver greatly improved levels of performance particularly during sustained midrange operations to optimize cruising range and fuel economy. For pleasure boaters this will improve trip planning, reduce costs, increase range, and enhance the ability to schedule fuel stops at select marinas for higher quality fuel. For commercial operators, significant improvements to their bottom-line profitability will quickly be realized through reduced fuel consumption, maintenance cost, and less downtime. Mega yacht tenders with demanding operation schedules can rely on OXE diesel fueled propulsion that will lower their insurance costs and improve safety by eliminating the dangers of carrying large quantities of volatile gasoline aboard, instead sourcing diesel from the yachts main fuel tanks.

The OXE diesel outboard is the only outboard engine built particularly with the commercial user in mind. It’s designed for those who use their boat every day no matter the conditions and have to rely on their units for many hours every year.



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