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Sun Power Diesel is the Florida distributor for Cox diesel outboards joining the worldwide network of servicing and selling distributors for this innovative, revolutionary marine engine. The engine is developed by Cox Powertrain based in Great Britain founded by Mr. David Cox, a forward-thinking Formula 1 motor racing designer. David Cox’s vision was to introduce an opposed piston engine with exceptional power to weight ratios and compact design to Formula 1 racing but was disallowed. The concept drew the attention of retired Cosworth executives, a company known for legendary high-performance engine development who later joined Cox Powertrain. Their vision is now a reality for this unique power plant and other Cox diesel outboard designs to deliver improved levels of performance for many types of marine applications. Leading proponents for a high-powered diesel engine in an outboard format were NATO, as well as the British and U.S militaries, that are seeking to eliminate gasoline from the patrol boat fleet mandated by NATO effective 2021.

Sun Power Diesel is very pleased to offer customers the Cox diesel engine particularly with the tremendous growth of the outboard boat market segment evolving into larger boats that are seeking greater fuel efficiency, dependability, and safety made possible by diesel power. These benefits have also been long awaited for by many commercial operators of passenger boats, dive boats, law enforcement agencies, mega yacht tenders and many others. Contact Sun Power Diesel to discuss repowering your boat or for assistance to specify the Cox diesel outboard for a new vessel build.

The Sea Is Unreliable. Your Outboard Shouldn’t Be.

COX CXO300 is the most powerful commercial diesel outboard ever developed.
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