Ft Lauderdale Fl., September 19, 2019 – Sun Power Diesel has signed an agreement with Laborde Products of Covington La., for representation of the world renowned OXE diesel outboards in South Florida. OXE’s lines of diesel outboards are manufactured by Cimco Marine AB, Sweden, who provides diesel outboards for the world’s most rigorous commercial applications.  This demanding proving ground requires the highest standards of product development, testing, and quality control are implemented resulting in products that are dependable, fuel efficient, and compliant to the highest environmental standards.  


OXE’s product line features multiple power offerings built on the well proven General Motors 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder base engine which OXE configures in several packages ranging from 125, 150, 175, and 200 HP models .This product line gives customers the ability to choose power output based on vessel applications that can range from heavy duty commercial work to pleasure craft. On September 20th, 2019, OXE introduced their long awaited 300 HP model at the Genoa Boat Show. The OXE 300 is produced with a BMW N57 in line six-cylinder engine resulting in the world’s most powerful diesel outboard in its power range capable of delivering 680 Nm (503 ft. /lbs.) of torque while consuming 40 % less fuel than comparable gasoline outboard engines.  


Sun Power Diesel celebrating its 70th year in business, will provide product support with factory trained service technicians, maintain parts and engines in inventory, as well as provide technical review for each application. As the market demand for outboard power continues in its growth, OXE diesel outboards deliver opportunities for greater range, fuel efficiency, reduced down time, and elimination of gasoline for yacht tenders, military, and municipal users.