Why Sun Power Diesel is the Best Dealer in Florida

There is something to be said about longevity. Established in 1949 Sun Power Diesel has been in business for 69 years! This isn’t only incredible and rare, but demonstrates the true nature of the company. The tradition of maintaining the highest level of customer service, perseverance in all economic climates, and the ability to adapt with not only diesel technology but also the marine industry, combines to separate Sun Power Diesel from their competitors.  The Davis family developed a culture that has expanded seven decades! Let that sink in. This dedication to culture and excellence has now been passed down to further generations with no end in sight.

 Where are they located?

Located in the heart of the “Yachting Capital of the World”, Sun Power Diesel’s marine department is perfectly placed to address their customer’s needs.  Harbor Towne Marina, located in Dania Beach just minutes from Fort Lauderdale, allows the staff to interact with vessels from all around the world as they descend upon South Florida for their annual service.  Harbor Towne Marina prides itself as a “service” facility. Being surrounded by over 20 waterside businesses and some of the largest yacht brokerages in the area, Sun Power Diesel has embraced the competitive advantage of the surrounding amenities.  Sun Power Diesel in not limited to only Harbor Towne Marina though. With the marine industry comes quite a bit of travel. Sun Power Diesel’s certified technicians and management will often find solutions for their customers wherever they may be berthed.

What separates them from the rest?

In today’s world it has become increasingly difficult to find knowledgeable, experienced and qualified technicians. Sun Power Diesel has a staff of factory certified technicians that fill all of these requirements.  For nearly 70 years Sun Power Diesel has serviced marine diesel engines, gen-sets, and packaged propulsion systems. Some of the recognizable brands that fall under their scope are Cummins, Volvo Penta, Northern Lights, Mercury, Kohler and John Deere, to name a few. Sun Power Diesel also prides itself in efficiency. The marine industry is very transient and understanding how to quickly diagnose, service, repair or replace is essential to running a smooth operation. Through extensive technician training, access to OEM parts, and state of the art diagnostic tools, Sun Power Diesel has mastered the quick turnaround with high quality. Maintaining excellent customer service is what has kept Sun Power Diesel ahead of the competition for decades.

Prevent any future issues with the best!

Other services that provide huge value to Sun Power Diesel’s customers are, oil sampling analysis, engine surveys, repower reviews, and hands on assistance for new build projects.  Preventative maintenance in the marine industry, or diesel engines/ gen-sets in general, is essential for expanding the life of the customer’s equipment. Through accurate analysis and surveys, servicing all fluids, filters and belts, Sun Power Diesel gives the customer there best chance of maintaining and preventing catastrophic failure in their on board equipment.

Let Sun Power Diesel Keep the Lights On! 

If that wasn’t enough Sun Power Diesel has a land based division as well!  When an emergency arises Sun Power Diesel will help keep the lights on. They service and install power generation systems addressing stand-by or prime power needs for residential, commercial, and institutional or community owned systems. Maintaining the same standards of preventative maintenance for these units will make sure the customer will always be prepared for any emergency.

Like we said, there is something to longevity. Seven decades owned and managed by two generations of family, Sun Power Diesel has a culture that is not going anywhere. Make sure you call the professionals for your future diesel needs.